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Was hopeing someone could help with these test results. Thanks!

Cortisol 9am 4.05 AM range (1.0- 8.0)
12pm 0.46
4:30pm 0.59
9:30pm <0.1 PM range (0.1-1.0)

Estradiol 1.8 (0.5-8.0)
Progesterone 0.08 (1.0-0.5)
Testosterone 62.7 (15-44)
DHEA 384.1 (33-300)

I am female 31 years of age. Thought I might add that in lol. Still cycling etc. Thanks for any advice in advance.
Thanks for the reply! Thats interesting. I have not shown these to my dr yet. I had my chiropractor order the test. My dr is looking at me like I'm crazy and theres nothing wrong with me. I suffer from lots of symptoms and they keep telling me they are all in my head. I did recently have a CT of my kidney/adrenals and what was noted was a complex kidney cyst 5.1cm on the upper pole(top) and no adrenal mass noted. I will send these results to my GP and see what he has to say. My endo that I see(which I dont like) thinks I'm a nut case lol. I suffer from panick/anxiety attacks, dizziness,etc. I also had 24hr urine collection done. Metanephrine and norepinephrines were normal. All these test were done because I asked them to do it. I have also noticed dark hairs popping up where they shouldn't ugh. Like facial, and on toes. I look like I have a five o clock shadow lol. I keep insisting to my dr theres something wrong. As I know my body and have lived in it for 31 years!
What should cortisol be ideally in the AM? If a endo looks at these labs would they even pay attention to the cortisol results because they are in the so called normal range? Thanks once again, Take care = ) lisa
P.S I also suffer from high blood pressure, like I said I have lots of symptoms....just haven't had a dr put them all together ugh.
[QUOTE=Chrisgj]Lisa you might look for an endo specializing in the pituitary. Most regular endos deal mostly with diabetes and a little thyroid thrown in, adrenals forget it. Even if it is not pituitary, an endo with this specialized knowledge you might get further with.

That cyst is pretty big. How far was it from the adrenal gland? Could it have gone under the gland? I would not dismissed this epecially being it was on top of the kidney.

Was the norepinephrine at the very top of the range?

I'd expect that 9am cortisol to be in the upper range. What the endo should pay attention to more is how low you go on the next 3 tests. Those alone should be enough to get him to do something, but with all the tests put together if that doesn't get him concerned....

You may have to look around a bit. Unfortunately most people have to go to two or three or more endos to find one that knows how to treat you.

I wish you lots of luck,

OK a quick update. Although I don't know much just yet.....I went to the urologic onocologist for my second opinion. He said he was going to have his radiologist read my CT and US films. I also took him my saliva test results and all my other labs that I have had done. He consulted with an endo on this, and the endo said to have me do a alpha hydroxy progesterone test. (is that the same as ) OH17 progesterone? Do you know anything about this test? I did read on lab tests online that a high DHEA along with a high alpha hydroxy progesterone test would indicate a adrenal tumor, etc. Any thoughts Chris? I know you are pretty knowledgable so was hopeing you could possibly give me more info. Thanks! I am waiting on the requisition it's coming in the mail. Also when would be the best time to do this test? I am wishing that this test shows something, would put an end to me not knowing whats going on. And then I could go back and yell at my dr. for not doing anything! Anyways will continue to keep you posted = ) lisa

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