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Thanks for the reply! Thats interesting. I have not shown these to my dr yet. I had my chiropractor order the test. My dr is looking at me like I'm crazy and theres nothing wrong with me. I suffer from lots of symptoms and they keep telling me they are all in my head. I did recently have a CT of my kidney/adrenals and what was noted was a complex kidney cyst 5.1cm on the upper pole(top) and no adrenal mass noted. I will send these results to my GP and see what he has to say. My endo that I see(which I dont like) thinks I'm a nut case lol. I suffer from panick/anxiety attacks, dizziness,etc. I also had 24hr urine collection done. Metanephrine and norepinephrines were normal. All these test were done because I asked them to do it. I have also noticed dark hairs popping up where they shouldn't ugh. Like facial, and on toes. I look like I have a five o clock shadow lol. I keep insisting to my dr theres something wrong. As I know my body and have lived in it for 31 years!
What should cortisol be ideally in the AM? If a endo looks at these labs would they even pay attention to the cortisol results because they are in the so called normal range? Thanks once again, Take care = ) lisa
P.S I also suffer from high blood pressure, like I said I have lots of symptoms....just haven't had a dr put them all together ugh.

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