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Sep 29, 2004
Dear Chris,
You have answered so many of my questions that I thought I would try you again.
I have been going to an osteopath and he is much more open then the other ones(16), so I really dont want to switch anymore.
My last dr had this test done-
ASI saliva test
8am cortisol 6 (13-24)
12pm 5 (5-10)
4pm 4 (3-8)
12am 4 (1-4)
cortisol burden 19 (23-42)
DHEA 5 (3-10)
The new dr has started me on t3\t4 one grain a day. I felt better after two days of starting that. It was wonderful.
Then I crashed about two weeks after that.
He checked my DHEA and thyroid last week. Those wont be back until next week.
So now he has me taking this licorice and vitamins. I am also taking 5mg DHEA.
I have read that taking to much DHEA causes cortisol to lower. I am afraid if he raises this then I will go lower than I already appear to be.
I feel that I will probably need to take some type of natural cortisol and up thyroid dose.
He said he will see about upping thyroid after tests come back.
As far as the licorice goes I have really low BP so I dont think that it will raise it too high.
If I were to start Cortef or something, what dose would I start at?
I am trying to gather ammo for next weeks appt.
Any input you have is greatly appreciated!!

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