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Adrenal Fatigue
Oct 1, 2004
To give a summary, I've been feeling very tired and exhausted since November of 2003. I also have trouble concentrating and keeping focus. My short term-memory is bad and I have problems with my stomach such as bloating. I can barely do anything. Nobody can seem to find anything wrong with me. In late June of 2004, I had some thyroid tests done at my previous doctor, who's a D.O. My TSH level was 5.38 with a normal range being .40-5.50. My Free T4 was 1.5 with the normal range being .8-1.8

In September of 2004, my current doctor told me that the normal range for the TSH level had been changed, and that my TSH level was high. He put me on Armour Thyroid and had my Free T3 tested. He expected it to come back low. My Free T3 result came back being 2.9 with a normal range of
2.0-4.9 My doctor said that my Free T3 result was good. I've been taking Armour Thyroid for 23 days now, and I haven't felt any benefit from it. My doctor had wanted to taper me off of it because my Free T3 result was good, and since I'm not feeling any better. I told him I'd like to stay on it for a few more weeks though to see if it helps at all, and he agreed. I started off taking 30 mg for 10 days, then 60 mg for ten days, then 90 mg a day. My doctor said he could raise it to 120 mg a day to see if that helps. So I'm going to take 90 mg of thyroid medication for 7 more days, and then raise it to 120 mg.

I mentioned to my doctor about adrenal fatigue, cause I heard about it at the thyroid forum. He gave me a saliva test kit, to test for Cortisol I believe. I had my Cortisol tested before in late June, but that was by a blood test. Is the saliva test more accurate than the blood test, or does it test for more things? What is a normal range for Cortisol? I was looking at a copy of my Cortisol blood test from late June. It just says my Total Cortisol is 26.8 MCG/DL Does that sound like a good level? Also, I live about an hour from my doctor's office. When I do the test next week, I'm going to have the doctor's office send it out for me to the lab. Does it matter that the saliva samples won't be in a refrigerator during my hour trip to the doctor? I wasn't sure if that could alter the results or not. Thanks.

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