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Re: Electrolytes
Oct 6, 2004

I will just put in my meager information in the meantime! My son has had symptoms of adrenal fatigue or insufficiency, and his aldosterone seems to be consistently low. This is one hormone created by the adrenal glands, as you probably know. BUT...his plasma sodium and potassium do NOT look suspicious. His urine sodium, however, was quite high, signaling the salt wasting that comes with adrenal problems. It is the doctor's feeling that if someone eats enough salt, they may compensate for their body wasting it, thus making their blood tests appear normal. But seeing as how he is losing so much in his urine, his body is not utilizing the salt properly. His cortisol responded so well to the ACTH test that the endo is only thinking of putting him on Florinef currently, so I cannot attest to his actually having Addison's. I've also had others write to me saying that their sodium and postassium were normal on blood tests just prior to diagnosis. Perhaps these are the last things to go haywire, and don't necessarily show up if one is eating lots of salt to compensate. My son doesn't even feel as though he craves salt, yet almost all of the foods he wants contain a lot of salt, without his even eating anything strange (handfuls of salt or pickle juice) that would raise a red flag. He eats things like Taco Bell, Microwavable Pizza, Alfredo Noodles and Chineese entres with soy sauce! Hope this helps in some way, while waiting for those with better knowledge to have a chance to answer! ~ :wave: Tracy

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