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hello all. the folks in the thyroid board suggested that i post this question over here to get your expertise.

i'm hypothryoid with hashimoto's disease, but i think i've got some adrenal fatigue symptoms, so i asked my endo to run some adrenal testing. she ran a morning cortisol test.

this was ran on monday, around 8:45-9am, without eating:

9.6 MCG/DL (range 4 - 22) (this range is specific for the am test, for a pm test the range is 3 - 17)

is this low? high? anything to be concerned about? any indication that i might have some adrenal fatigue?

thanks in advance!
[QUOTE=Chrisgj]Yeah, that is very low. To give you a comparism. My last acth stim test (10:30 am) base was 20 and went to 23. 6 months before that a 4 pm test started at 10 and went to 19.

Your 9 am test is where my 4 pm test was. The highest cortisol gets is about 8am and lowest about 1 am. Healthy people start in upper 20's to mid 30's at 8am.

Since you are hashi's it should be looked into that your immune system might be attacking your adrenals. You need to get the cortrosyn stim test (acth stim) to see how well your adrenals are working under stress. You need that test done very soon so you can get started on cortef

thanks so much for your response. i'm supposed to be getting a call from my endo later today, and i will ask her about that test. are there any other tests that i should get done? is there a blood test for anti-adrenal antibodies?
[QUOTE=Chrisgj]Have you been tested for diabetes?

There is a blood test for adrenal antibodies.[/QUOTE]

she did run some diabetes related tests:
insulin: 13 (lab lists normal as less than 17)
hemoglobin A1c: 5.4% Total HGB (lab lists normal for non-diabetics as
< 6%)

the endo wasn't concerned about these levels, but my nutrionist was. he has me on some supplements to help with estrogen dominance, etc.

why do you ask about diabetes? how does that relate to the cortisol levels/adrenal fatigue?

well, i just spoke to the endo and to her, i'm fine. she doesnt think that additional testing could be justified at this time. so, i'll probably talk to my nutritionist and see if he reccomends something.

chris, i've thought about osteopathy alot recently. unfortnately, there are not endo osteopaths in my area. most are GPs, but i love my GP and don't want to lose her. if i want to see any other doctor, i have to have a referral. it dowsn't make sense for her to refer me to another GP, you know?

my nutritionist is concerned about my insulin though, and i think he is hoping that getting my estrogen and cortisol in balance (with supplements) will help me lose weight and correct the insulin stuff.
just wanted to update you guys after seeing the nutritionist. at this time, he thinks that my adrenal insufficiency may be due to stress on my adrenals from the thyroid and other issues. he wants to wait and see if treating them will bring my adrenals back to normal before treating the adrenals. i'm comfortable waiting right now.


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