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Thanks for the replies guys!
C.M. I looked up the Mil Andregen and it was not what I thought it was- so forget about what I said earlier. I thought it was something else. Sorry!
I have no idea what has made me feel a little better. When I first started taking thyroid med it was like a miracle had happened. Then after about two weeks I was back where I started. Now, like I said after starting isocort some symptoms have subsided. So, I am guessing it is a mixture. My dr made me bring my thyroid med down because my t3 was too high. I think my t4 is still too low though. Maybe I will ask him to try more t4 and less t3?
Mhuff- you are right, patience is not one of my stronger qualities. I have felt really bad since August 2003. It has been too long. I also got married last year and although my husband is very supportive, it makes me feel so guilty. I cant take care of myself physically anymore. I am not the vibrant, go getter that I used to be.
Do you guys find that people say really stupid things to you? I dont know if I am being oversensitive or not? The other day I was talking to a girlfriend and she said how nice it must be to be a kept woman and not have to work. I have always worked ALOT! I wanted to punch her in the face. If you complain all day to these people they dont want to hear it. If you say nothing they think you are fine. This has made me isolate myself this last year.
I think that will be enough of my pity party!
Thanks for listening, I will have had an attitude adjustment next time you hear from me.
I hope you are all well!!

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