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Test result
Oct 21, 2004
Carmens 8 am cortisol was 15.7. Doc said it is in the normal range, she didnt tell me what the normal range was though.
The nuro appt we have is with a osteopathe nuro, not sure what a nuro will look for, with him being a osteopath type nuro maybe that will make a differance in all of this. I am really begining to beleave that there is some kind of hormonal stuff going on, she had a 'female cycle' 3 weeks ago and now today she started a 'female cycle' again. We are to keep a log of this, that and the other thing for the peds doc. I am going to make sure the nuro doc know that her 'cycle' came only 3 weeks apart. I cant wait for oct 27 to come.
Re: Test result
Oct 21, 2004
Hi, Janice!

Do you only know her morning cortisol thus far? They didn't know what it went to after the stim test? Our normal range might be different from your lab's range, but ours is 2.4 - 28.6. At one point my endo said he usually likes to see it above 15. But were they for sure giving you her morning/starting cortisol, and not the one AFTER the ACTH test was given? Wonder what it went to when the cortrysin was administered during the test. It's supposed to at least double.

Glad she has a neuro appointment, but I was disappointed with mine. He thought Travis looked O.K., but since he felt the pricking of his legs a little less around the ankles, he was thinking of giving him a EMG or something like this, to ***** his legs and shock him slightly in certain areas to see if he felt the shocks or reacted to them equally. I didn't see how this would explain most of his symptoms, and he didn't think Travis would fail the test, either. Then he wanted to do a sleep study. I thought this was putting the cart before the horse. But maybe your osteo neuro will think of something that might not even be neuro related as an explanation! Is Carmen still feeling better with the Floudrocortisone? Travis doesn't feel any difference.

All the best, :wave: Tracy

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