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I am wondering if anyone can tell me what high coritsol and DHEAS saliva readings mean.

I am hypothyroid and taking .075 levoxyl, but not getting relief. I know that my TSH has gone up and the last time I did an increase in my thyroid med it caused me to have palps, nausea, and burning hands and feet. I am wondering if there is some relation here to adrenals.

My endo has done two tests for blood cortisol and urine 24 hr cortisol. One test the blood was high and urine normal. The next test the blood was normal and urine high. Explain that one!

I have appt with endo next week and I NEED to know what to suggest to her. I don't think that this is just thyroid related.

One note: I also had my female hormones tested and the progesterone was low. Any thoughts there?


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