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I'm having the same problem of figuring out which came first the chicken or the egg on this. I have high Cortisol levels and DHEA levels as well. Not sure if the hypothryodism is causing this or something else.

I'm a male, but have the same problem as you. My endo is doing further testing to rule out cushing's disease or some other chronic illness causing the high cortisol and DHEA levels. Have you found out any additional info from your doctor. Mine is going to run a 2-day dex suppression test followed by CRH stimulation.

Were you switching your dosage during the high cortisol level results. Reason I ask is that I have always had a hard time tolerating thyroid med increases and think it causes my adrenals to overstimulate thus result in the high levels. I have been making med increases since Feb this year, and that may be causing the high levels. But, I also heard that undermedicated hypo causes cortisol levels to be high to compensate for lack of hormone.

All I know I is that I don't want to go to end up down the Cushing's disease path. The stories from those folks are beyond frightening compared to thyroid disease.

Here are my test results:

Cortisol, Salivary

12:00 AM 690 NG/ML Range 50-250 NG/ML
8:00 AM 1903 NG/ML Range 200-1600 NG/ML
4:00 PM 1098 NG/ML Range 100-600 NG/ML

ACTH Plasma test done the same day and results:
ACTH, Plasma 11 PG/ML <5.0 - 60.0

Cortisol, Free Urine 116 H (range 20-90)

And other tests supporting an adrenal/hormonal problem:

Renin, Plasma Activity 4.6 H (range 0.2 – 3.0)
DHEA Sulfate 663 H (range 59-452)
Cortisol, Total AM 17.7 (range 4 – 22) Note that lower than upper limit but Endo said that this is still a very high morning level. Said he doesn’t see it that high very often.

Kind Regards,

Miller - I would ask for a dex/crh test, midnight serum cortisol, and another 24 HR UFC (to get the average). Have you had an ACTH? If not, get one of those too. Cortisol is always changing so blood tests really tell us nothing. There is also cyclical Cushing's which means that one day you are very Cushingoid and the next you can be adrenally insufficient. Makes getting dxed very hard. But it can be done with a patient doctor and determination.

Hashigent, your results point pretty well to Cushing's. What other tests have been done?? If none, get thee to another doctor, one who specializes in pituitary disease. Not being a doctor but someone who has dealt with this disease, your UFCs alone are pretty darned diagnostic. Cushing's can cause huge damage to the body. The earlier caught the better.

Your results and my thoughts:
12:00 AM 690 NG/ML Range 50-250 NG/ML -well over three times the normal. That used to enough to dx you.
8:00 AM 1903 NG/ML Range 200-1600 NG/ML Still danged high
4:00 PM 1098 NG/ML Range 100-600 NG/ML SUPER HIGH

ACTH Plasma test done the same day and results:
ACTH, Plasma 11 PG/ML <5.0 - 60.0 Possible adrenal source. Generally an ACTH over 10-15ish points to either pituitary or ectopic source.

Cortisol, Free Urine 116 H (range 20-90)

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