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A TSH of 10? It doesn't sound like this dr. knows what he's talking about, the acceptable TSH values have been lowered in the last couple years and he should know this. I don't remember the cutoff but I think a TSH somewhere around 2 is ideal. Also if you did not feel well on the thyroid medication, maybe you are sensitive to the T3. When I was first placed on levoxyl(T4) and cytomel(T3), I could not handle very high amounts of the cytomel, I would get all jittery and my heart was beating way too fast. I was told that some people cannot tolerate the T3 but I don't remember why. Even on the Armour I think the % of T3 is 50% and some people cannot handle it. I have heard of drs. compounding the T3/T4 to 5% T3, done at a compounding pharmacy.
As for the cortisol, it fluctuates throughout the day and it's probably more accurate to do a saliva cortisol test which measures your levels from 7 AM to midnight, or a 24 hour urine hormone panel, which can test all of your hormones and their metabolites.
I would definately find a different dr, one you are comfortable with.

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