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I finally got my ACTH stim test results back, plus the thyroid panel.
ACTH Serum; 12 (10-60)
Cortisal base: 9.7 (8-25) A>M>
Coritsol 30 min: 25.5
Cortisol 60 min: 32

Aldosterone : 5.4( no range given)
Aldosterone 30 min: 26.
Aldosterone 60 min: 33

TSH 8.63 (.270-4.67)
FT4.74 (.70-1.85)
I am not taking any thyroid meds as they make me feel ill and hyper. This Endo want to do a MRI of my pituatary Gland and a prolactin test. He says I don't have any adrenal insufficency; but possibly hypopituatarism whis may be causing the adrenal glands to not work. Every morning cortisol test I have taken no matter how stressed I am beforehand comes out low normal. I told this doctor I wouldn't take any thryoid meds until the adrenal problem is corrected. I don't care for this doctor he thinks he knows everything. He told me that he doesn't usually treat thyroid problems until the TSH is 10 or if their are symptoms. I want to go back to Doctor Sultan. I think he can help me better. Hopefully I can save enough money to see him soon.
Any ideas?

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