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My Cortisol blood test was:
Cortisol, Total of 26.8 and the reference range for the time I had it
done(between 7-9 am) was 4.0-22.0 This test was taken in late June of 2004.

I haven't had the ACTH Stim test done yet. I'll have to mention that to my doctor the next time I see him. I didn't have time to mention it. I'm not sure if he'd do the test though cause it involves 'synthetic' Cortisol right? I don't know if my doctor would want to do something that involves a synthetic material, but I'll ask him.

I'm having some other tests done soon including Oxyhemoglobin, and a 6 hour urine test for Mercury levels. I want to see if the three silver fillings I have could be contributing to my chronic tiredness, low concentration, and memory problems. The doctor also gave me something called an electrolyte concentrate which can help with energy and focus.
So does the Thyroid Antibodies test come back either positive or negative, or are there normal ranges?

I know you suggested for me to get the ACTH Stim test done. Should I also ask for the Aldosterone and Renin, DHEA, and Testosterone tests? Cause maybe one of those are abnormal even though my Cortisol was in the normal range.

I haven't heard much about the Adrenal Antibodies test. Can you give me some info about it?

I heard that a person's TSH can change throughout the day, and that it's usually highest in the morning. I'm going to be getting my TSH retested and Free T3 retested probably around 10 in the morning. Should I ask to try and get the test done earlier?

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