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I got the results of my Cortisol am and pm saliva test.

My Cortisol am was 16.10 with a normal range of 13-23
My Cortsiol pm was 1.10 with a normal range of 1-3

I know you had said that the normal ranges for the blood test are flawed, but what about the normal ranges for the saliva test?

My doctor told me that my results looked good. I asked him if my am Cortisol was a little low, and he said the optimal would be around 18. He said he could give me a supplement, so he gave me something called Mil Adregen. It's similar to Isocort, except it has a few more ingredients such as Raw Spleen. I was wondering why my doctor would give me Mil Adregen though if he thought the results were good?
Well I'm still on Armour. I'm going to keep taking it until I get the Thyroid Antibodies test and the results come back. I'm also going to be getting my Free T3 and TSH tested again.

Taken in late June of 2004
My Free T4 was 1.5 with the normal range being .8-1.8
My TSH was 5.38 with the normal range being .5-2.5

Taken in September of 2004
My Free T3 was 2.9 with the normal range being 2.0-4.9
So does the Thyroid Antibodies test come back either positive or negative, or are there normal ranges?

I know you suggested for me to get the ACTH Stim test done. Should I also ask for the Aldosterone and Renin, DHEA, and Testosterone tests? Cause maybe one of those are abnormal even though my Cortisol was in the normal range.

I haven't heard much about the Adrenal Antibodies test. Can you give me some info about it?

I heard that a person's TSH can change throughout the day, and that it's usually highest in the morning. I'm going to be getting my TSH retested and Free T3 retested probably around 10 in the morning. Should I ask to try and get the test done earlier?
I had my Free T3 and TSH retested last week. I also had thyroid antibodies done.
My Free T3 was 4.0 with a normal range of 2.0-4.9
My TSH was .06 with a normal range of .30-3.0
Both of the thyroid antibodies were negative.
My Free T4 wasn't tested again because it was at a good level before I started the thyroid medication.

I'm still feeling exhausted, my concentration is off, and my short-term memory isn't good. My doctor is tapering me off of the thyroid medication slowly since it hasn't helped. I'm supposed to cut back from 120 mg to 90 mg. I'll take 90 mg for 10 days, and then cut back to 60 mg, and I do this until I'm completely off of the medication.
I don't understand why the medication hasn't helped me.

Also, I've been taking Mil Adregen since October 28. That's the Adrenal supplement I had told you about that is similar to Isocort. It has more ingredients than Isocort, and it's supposed to be more potent. I haven't felt a difference yet. Do you think there is still a chance it could help with my energy, even though it hasn't helped yet?

My doctor put me on a trial dose of an anti-fungal medication. My Candida blood test for yeast came back within the normal range, but he said the test isn't real accurate. I started taking the medication on November 11, but I haven't felt any benefit from it. If a person has Candida, the medication is supposed to work pretty quickly I believe. So any hope of Candida being my problem has faded.

I haven't slept good at all for more than three weeks now. I've been worrying a lot that I'm never going to get better. Even when I'm thinking a little more positive, I still have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. So it might be a little hard to tell if anything helps or not in the future if I don't get some good sleep. This is the hardest thing in my life I've ever had to deal with.
Thanks Chris,
To refresh, the results of my Cortisol am and pm saliva test were:

My Cortisol am was 16.10 with a normal range of 13-23
My Cortsiol pm was 1.10 with a normal range of 1-3

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