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Hi there everyone,

I'm wondering if any of you decline in strength/vitality as the day goes along. I tend to be at my peak about one hour after rising and from then until bedtime it gets very tough. Actually, sometimes I'm so profoundly weak I can't even stand up, eat ( I get this hollow, weird sensation in my gut), or even move., It's the most intense fatigue, muscle weakness and sometimes aches. I know people here understand it!

Just wanted to see if this is normal. FRom what I read it seems that many chronic fatigue people actually feel better in the evening. This is def. NOT ME.

I'm on Florinef right now and am doing ACTH stimulation 11/8. I'm posting results from my saliva test at Diagnos-Techs bac in April. I've declined since then for sure. The results are below. At this point I'm waiting for the results from Neuroscience Lab on 6 saliva samples and also my 24 hour uriine cortisol and morning cortisol.


Diagnos-Techs Results from 4/04

Measurement in nM

7-8am range 13-24, my result =14
11-12pm range 5-10, my result = 4
4-5pm range 3-8, my result =3
Cortisol Burden range 23-42, my result =23
11-1159pm range 1-4, my result=2
Your results are far from normal. No wonder you are tired! Mine were similar numbers, and when I started on treatment I could barely leave the house. I was so dizzy I was afraid to drive, and when I did feel ok, I never knew when my energy would fall out from under me, so it was impossible to make plans. It is normal to be tired in the p.m. Cortisol normaly starts high when you get up and then declines through the day, so what you are feeling is par for your condition. Chris is the real guru on test results, so maybe he can throw something in. Make sure you read up on Adrenal fatigue. There are some good books explaining this condition. I recommend ADRENAL FATIGUE The 21st century stress syndrome-by J Wilson. The fact this started for you with a virus would make me also suspect Chronic Fatigue, but whatever you call it, the adrenals need help!
Hi there,

Thank you for the responses. I'll definitely post the results when I get them. MHuff--you felt WORSE once you started treatment? Truthfully I can't imagine feeling worse than I do righ tnow. I had dizzyness but being onthe Florinef has helped out.

THanks again for the help,

I have the dip problem also.
I feel okay for about 2 hours when I first wake up. Then I shower, blow dry hair and put makeup on and its over. Time to nap. So no longer do I do my hair or makeup. Then I feel horrible until about 4pm. I come alive for about 2 hours and then I am down for the night.
My sleep schedule is also messed up. I used to be a night person and be able to sleep in. Now, I am asleep at 8 or 9 and up at 5. I also wake up wide awake. It is very strange. Its like my clock is totally off.
I hate it.

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