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Hi there everyone,

I'm wondering if any of you decline in strength/vitality as the day goes along. I tend to be at my peak about one hour after rising and from then until bedtime it gets very tough. Actually, sometimes I'm so profoundly weak I can't even stand up, eat ( I get this hollow, weird sensation in my gut), or even move., It's the most intense fatigue, muscle weakness and sometimes aches. I know people here understand it!

Just wanted to see if this is normal. FRom what I read it seems that many chronic fatigue people actually feel better in the evening. This is def. NOT ME.

I'm on Florinef right now and am doing ACTH stimulation 11/8. I'm posting results from my saliva test at Diagnos-Techs bac in April. I've declined since then for sure. The results are below. At this point I'm waiting for the results from Neuroscience Lab on 6 saliva samples and also my 24 hour uriine cortisol and morning cortisol.


Diagnos-Techs Results from 4/04

Measurement in nM

7-8am range 13-24, my result =14
11-12pm range 5-10, my result = 4
4-5pm range 3-8, my result =3
Cortisol Burden range 23-42, my result =23
11-1159pm range 1-4, my result=2

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