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Sounds like having the adrenal antibodies (and the thyroid, too) would be invaluable! Aldosterone should be low, too, if Andrew is primary, no? Thou I understand Travis can have isolated low aldosterone, it doesn't seem that it can go the other way, except for secondaries. Might I TRY to help by posting the norms for OUR labs, as told to us, or as down on our typed lab records? I would think that as long as the measurement units were the same, the range would be the same, but that may not be true at all. I will list the ranges as per Travis' lab tests. For [B]Aldosterone[/B], which I undestand you don't yet have, our range for children age 2-10 is: 3-35 (lying down), 5-80 (sitting up). [B]Renin[/B] says is should be anywhere from 50 -585 (lying down for 30 min. before draw). [B]Morning cortisol[/B] for age 8 is 3.0 - 21 (ug/dL). For [B]ACTH Plasma[/B], I have the range being 6-48 pg/mL (but listing no age or fasting/time specifics, if they vary).
I wonder if you knew the name of the lab that did these prior tests, could you call them for their normal ranges to make sure you had the right info? Sorry you are having so many doubts troubling you. What out your little guy. Does he also need the inhaler? ~ :wave: Tracy

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