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Re: Craftlady
Nov 12, 2004
Dear Janice,

Thanks. We did get a letter today from the doctor. He says that in the last urinanalysis Trav's sodium was down and so was his potassium (to a better level). He says the sodium is still high, though, and he wants to try to increase the Florinef. Since we have seen some improvement, we are anxious to do so. But he wants us to first monitor his BP to make sure it hasn't risen too much to up the meds. I hope Carmen's BP's HAVE risen, as they were SO low before! Sounds like she is doing miraculously well! Thank God. We will take Travis' BP and then if O.K., probabaly up the meds to 1.5 or 2.0 (probably the first one). His sleep patterns have changed a bit, too. He has awaken earlier many days, and hasn't gone back for naps because of doing so. Was Carmen having trouble falling off to sleep at night before the meds, but wanting to sleep in late? I know she was sleepy a lot, but I didn't remember her having insomnia at all. Travis has terrible insomnia, then finally doses off at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and sleeps until 5:00 p.m. some days. He's not slept as long with the Florinef, but still doesn't go to sleep easily in the first place. ~ :wave: Tracy
Re: Craftlady
Nov 17, 2004
Thanks, Chris!

I had an apt. myself with our DO, and took her some things as explanation as to why I wanted Trav to have an adrenal antibodies test. He's going in Tuesday, and she said she will do it! I know that it might come out that he doesn't have any, which will tell us nothing, since some people don't have the antibodies, but if per chance he DOES, it might enable us to get more tests or more monitoring of his morning cortisol levels. As far as the water goes, the other kids do not drink pop anyway, so they shouldn't mind. Of course, Jes can only drink sugar free, and I'm not a big lover of nutrasweet or aspartame, so don't buy it often. And the other kids don't need the sugar or weight. I also don't need the grocery bill from the soda! But I started buying energy drinks and cream sodas for Trav, because he wanted them and he had no craving for water whatsoever. I thought, "Well, I guess soda is better than nothing." But maybe it actually is not. I knew the energy drinks gave him at least a few bursts of energy, which he missed so much. So I felt he needed these for his morale. But in the long run, they are probably doing harm. I did notice one interesting thing about them, though, which is that they contain 200 mg of sodium!! I wondered if THIS was why he was craving them all along, and thought it was the caffeine? Maybe they were supplying his salt so he didn't lick it out of his hand... Anyway, he has gone off them quite a bit, and prefers the cream soda. His appetite has been so fussy that I've been a bit more permissive with WHAT he drinks or eats, as LONG as he DOES drink or eat. Maybe I have to believe that if he is really thirsty, and there is no soda around, he'll drink water and learn to love it!? ~ :wave: Tracy

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