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Hi, I hope you all can help me with my test results. I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis last summer. I can't tolerate levothyroxine, but I'm doing much better with Armour thyroid. As I was working through the issues with my thyroid meds, I wondered if I might have adrenal problems, too. I took a saliva test for cortisol and DHEA in August, 2004. Here's the results.

Cortisol 8 AM: 0.57 [0.27 to 2.06]
Cortisol 12 AM: 0.05 [0.03 to 0.50]
DHEA 8 AM: 814 [14 to 277]

I took my saliva test results to my endo and discussed them with her. She ordered a set of blood tests. The blood was drawn at 10:20 AM on 10/12/2004 right after an unsatisfactory appointment with my doctor. So I was somewhat stressed out and frustrated when the blood was drawn. Also, it was day 9 of my menstrual cycle. (I count the first day of my period as day 1 and this cycle was 25 days long.) The results all came back within the normal ranges so my doctor thinks everything is fine. Here's the blood test results.

Cortisol: 11.89 [4.30 to 22.40]
DHEA-S: 305 [35 to 430]
FSH: 5.4 [1.4 to 11.4 follicular; 5.1 to 34.2 ovulatory]
LH: 11.3 [0.8 to 9.8 follicular; 17.5 to 49.0 ovulatory]
Androstenedione: 1.47 [0.21 to 3.08]
Testosterone, Total: 71 [20 to 76]
17-Hydroxyprogesterone: 76 [20 to 100 follicular; 100 to 250 midcycle peak]

What do you think? Does it look like I have a problem or not? For the most part, my symptoms are improving with the thryoid meds so maybe I just need to be patient. I'm just wondering if this is something I need to pursue further or not.

Thanks for your help,
Thanks for the input, Chris. The cortisol blood test was done at 10:20 AM. I think my DHEA and testosterone are a little high, too, and I do have some problems with acne. I don't think I will be able to get any more help on this with my current doctor, though, so I guess I will have to shop around some more.

Your cortisol levels were fine, it can take up to six months for the thyroid levels to be noticiably better, I would continue to have cortisol checks though in the future to be on the safe side. Keep a diary of symptoms to take to the dr with you as this will give him a better idea. If you are like most people it is easy to forget vague symptoms and concentrate on larger ones, it may be the little ones that will get you the best treatment and advice.

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