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Hi, I hope you all can help me with my test results. I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis last summer. I can't tolerate levothyroxine, but I'm doing much better with Armour thyroid. As I was working through the issues with my thyroid meds, I wondered if I might have adrenal problems, too. I took a saliva test for cortisol and DHEA in August, 2004. Here's the results.

Cortisol 8 AM: 0.57 [0.27 to 2.06]
Cortisol 12 AM: 0.05 [0.03 to 0.50]
DHEA 8 AM: 814 [14 to 277]

I took my saliva test results to my endo and discussed them with her. She ordered a set of blood tests. The blood was drawn at 10:20 AM on 10/12/2004 right after an unsatisfactory appointment with my doctor. So I was somewhat stressed out and frustrated when the blood was drawn. Also, it was day 9 of my menstrual cycle. (I count the first day of my period as day 1 and this cycle was 25 days long.) The results all came back within the normal ranges so my doctor thinks everything is fine. Here's the blood test results.

Cortisol: 11.89 [4.30 to 22.40]
DHEA-S: 305 [35 to 430]
FSH: 5.4 [1.4 to 11.4 follicular; 5.1 to 34.2 ovulatory]
LH: 11.3 [0.8 to 9.8 follicular; 17.5 to 49.0 ovulatory]
Androstenedione: 1.47 [0.21 to 3.08]
Testosterone, Total: 71 [20 to 76]
17-Hydroxyprogesterone: 76 [20 to 100 follicular; 100 to 250 midcycle peak]

What do you think? Does it look like I have a problem or not? For the most part, my symptoms are improving with the thryoid meds so maybe I just need to be patient. I'm just wondering if this is something I need to pursue further or not.

Thanks for your help,

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