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Thanks for your response! I asked about the ACTH stim test and the doctor said she didn't think that she could get our insurance to approve it.?? I honestly feel that she didn't know too much about the test. She mentioned something about using that test when checking for depression. I do also disagree with her about treating only the TSH for her thyroid but I decided to go ahead and start the medication and see what happens. I thought I would save the treatment argument for later. In our area it is hard to find any doctor that is up-to-date on the latest info. especially about the thyroid-therefore I am just excited that I have been able to finally find a doc that is willing to treat her. We travel about 2 hours to see this doctor but the trip is worth it if she can help. What do you think about the meds she gave her to start for her low cortisol? She has mentioned Cortef several times but never ends up prescribing it. She says that the lowest strength she feels would be too strong. Thanks again!

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