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Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting a reply!

I have seen many many different doctors over the years. The most recent is a DO and she is treating me for low estradiol/progesterone ratio, with cream.
She says that my cortisol will come up as I get my ratio in normal range. It has been 4 months since I have been on the cream and I do not feel any better. When I tell her this, she responds that I need to go on this special diet she has given me (even though I am not insulin resistant), and that I would feel better. But I was on a healthy diet and exercised 4 times a week a few years ago and I still had the crushing fatigue after being up for 8 hours. Nobody seems to understand that I have been this way since I was 13 years old (now almost 40) and it makes it very difficult to work 8 hours a day.
Also by pushing myself the last 10+ years (not taking a nap when needed) I ended up getting fibromyalgia.
Anyway, my biggest problem has been and still is the crushing fatigue that hits me like a truck everyday no matter what at exactly 5 pm...If I am not somewhere where I can take a nap then I feel as if I am going to die until I finally get home and take a sleeping pill so that I can fall asleep (if I do not
take a sleeping pill then I am very exhausted but too wired to sleep. It is a vicious cycle.
I was seeing a Holistic doctor and he put me on Cortef (5-20mg a day) and T3 meds. It helped some what but the Cortef seemed to only help for a half of an hour. It seemed like it was out of my system that quick.
The reason I am no longer seeing this dr. is because it cost me $250 a visit and my insurance did not cover it.
Right now I am kinda in a bind because I know if I go back to this DO that I am seeing for the low ratio stuff she wont do anything else until I go on this diet and I am much too tired to try and figure out what I can eat and what I can not.
It all just irritates the beegees out of me because at 13 when I started to feel this way I ate healthy, did not smoke or drink. So I just cant figure out why doctors cant see that I do not have any reserve in my adrenal glands and that could be why I putter out everyday (for 27 long years) no matter what at the exact same time................
Anyway, thanks for listening and thanks for any advice!
Sincerely, Joyce

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