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I am a 45 year old male and never had a health issue until 3 months ago. I lost my appetite and feel full/bloated, loss 5% of body weight despite eating more trying to mantaine my weight, feeling tired/fatgued, going to bed around 9:30 pm instead of 11:30, rare night sweats, and not as metally sharp.

My doctore first put me on Prevacid for three weeks - No help. Then she said it may be depression and I told her I was only getting depressed by her failures in diagnosing my problem. I was sent to a Gastro specialist who endoscoped me and said I had gastritis and suggested diet change - no help. Have had numerous blood tests, MRI's, C-scans, and this is what I've learned.

Low cortisol level
Small nodule in left adrenal - 90% chnace of being benign.
Low iron stores and low B12.

I asked to see an endocrinologist and the blood test came back as low cortisol. The dexometesone suppresion test showed no change in cortisol. Urine 24-hour test is next for tommorow.

I have cut out coffee in my diet and have reduced my evening scotch to one every 2-3 days as my stomach has difficulty tolerating scotch. Symptoms remain as originally started.

HELP!! Has anyone had similar symptoms and test results. I am reading more about adrenal deficiencies and Addison's and wonder if I'm now going in the right direction. Appreciate any and and all responses.

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