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Thyroid v. adrenal
Dec 12, 2004
This is a long story but I'll try to make it short...

I have had pain in the kidney region since my daughter was born in 99 (ultra sound found nothing and doctors say adrenals cannot hurt). Went on the pill for about 2 years. Went off the pill in summer end of 2002 my health was getting bad (nervous, tired and full of rage). In March 2003 tested positive for hypothyroidism and hashimotos. I've been taking syn T4 since than however 4 weeks ago I switched to Armour thyroid. Anyway, since starting medication in March 2003 I have steadily gotten worst NEVER BETTER. The closer my TSH level is to normal (2.00) the worse my heart pounds, nervous, etc... (I have about 30 HYPER symptoms and about 3 HYPO symptoms). I feel very strongly I have been misdiagnosed. I live in Germany and I think doctors cannot help me because Germans probably don't have adrenal glands. But I was finally able to have a saliva test sent over from the states.

8am 0.28 (ref 0.27-2.06)
12pm 0.12 (0.03-0.77)
4pm 0.10 (0.03-0.56)
12am 0.06 (0.03-0.50)

DHEA 248

My dhea is high in relation to cortisol but I do not take any DHEA. What does all this mean.

My ACTH summer 2003 was 7.82 (this was not a STIM test). I am getting so extremely sick that I am seriously becoming afraid that I am dying. Yesterday I stopped taking my thyroid reations was becoming so severe.

I am hoping that my newest doctor will be giving me this enough? Should I be pushing for an ACTH stim test? Is addison's a real possibility or merely adrenal exhaustion? My doctor said my ACTH level is too low for me to have addison's (but like I said no stim test). The only symptom that doesn't make sense is that I am NOT losing weight except when my TSH is 2.00 but anytime a new doctor pushes my TSH to this level I get so sick I reduce my meds.

someone...please help me.

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