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Re: Adrenal Fatigue
Dec 21, 2004
Hi Chris:

Thank you so much for replying to me, I really appreciate it.

I haven't had an ACTH stim test done yet. I'm considering asking my doctor for one. I thought they were done only through an Endo but I noticed that you say Osteopaths do them as well.

I've read "Adrenal Fatigue" and I did the Scorecard Matrix by Dr. Rind. Looking at symptoms, I weigh heavily towards adrenal fatigue, but by the cortisol tests I'm not. DHEA-S blood tests always come out low, but were normal when I had the saliva test. Do you know why that is?

Here are my thyroid labs:

Oct 1 '04
TSH was 2.08
Free T4 11 (9-23) - 1/7 range
Free T3 3.9 (3.5-5.5) - 1/5 range

Nov 9 '04
TSH: .32 (.3-4.7)
FT4: 10.6 (9.1-23.8 ) - 1/10 range (gone down)
FT3: 4.0 (2.5-5.7) - a smidge below 1/2 range

Dec 15 '04:
TSH: <.05 (.3-4.7)
FT3: 4.5 (2.5-5.7) - 2/3 range
FT4: 19 (9.1-23.8 ) - 2/3 range

I'm currently on 1 1/2 grains of Armour split between 2 doses and 62.5 mcg of Synthroid.

I'm definately warmer and my heart rate's up from 54 bpm to 65 bpm. My cycles seem to be trying to normalize, but I can't say that the brain fog's cleared up or the lack of energy (it's been years, I'm not even sure what it would be like to have lots of energy). Right now I'm having a hard time sleeping. Initially my FT4 levels dropped after starting the Armour, causing the insomnia, but now I'm not sure what it is. I've started taking my 2nd dose earlier in the day (12:30 pm) and it helped, but not completely. I also wake up during the night with terrible bouts of itching, causing hives.

I keep thinking that if I had adrenal fatigue, I wouldn't be able to tolerate the dosage increase to get my FT3 and FT4 into the 2/3 range. That's when I change my mind. I go back and forth each day. I'm confused. LOL

What I do know is that I CANNOT tolerate stress. I go through periods of working out, only to crash/burn out and/or end up bingeing on sweets. I have to be very protective of what I can tolerate. Travelling is a thing of the past. Golfing is also a thing of the past. A lot of things I used to enjoy are no longer an option for me. I've become completely passive/aggressive b/c standing up for myself requires too much emotional energy. I've learned to cope with an inability to handle stress, but I can't say that it's improved my quality of life.

Where do you like to see the ranges for the cortisol test? Maybe I'll talk to my doctor about the Isocort. My only concern is that he'll drop the thyroid to deal with adrenals if that's the way I go. Last visit (after my Nov 9th results), he thought there was something wrong with my pituitary b/c my TSH was so low but my FT4 was still low. That's why he considered the adrenals, but when we went through my previous cortisol tests (which were normal), he decided to increase my Synthroid and see what happens with my labs.

Anyway, I'm sorry to have rambled. I'm sure your time is precious so any thoughts would be great.


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