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Re: Cushing's
Dec 20, 2004
I think I posted before about adrenal fatigue. I have never been tested for my cortisol levels. Like I said my doc brought up the buffalo hump. I then searched the net and saw cushing's.

My tsh was .03
my t3 total was 290 (with the high being 220?)
free t4 (high is 1.2) mine was 2.0

it's been a while since I had to think of them - they are close to those ranges.
Here are my symptoms...
racing heart
muscle weakness
irregular period
acne (although I wouldn't say terrible, but heck of a lot more than I've ever had- my skin is usually clear, but now I always have pimples and zits)
goiter (2x's it size when last checked)
positive uptake test
frequent bowel movments
hair falling out
I haven't had any weight loss or gain
eating a lot more than before
elevated blood sugar -fasting is usually around 120 (had gestational diabetes- had to take insulin shots)
chest pain
blurry vision (but no bulging of eye and the blurriness comes and goes)
I am 27 yrs old, I didn't think it would be osteoperosis

I think that's it...

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