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Were you sick with a cold, infection, dyhdrated or something when you had your crisis'. I have not had a crisis since being diagnosed in 1998 & feel very fortunate.

Have you tried splitting your daily 20mg differently? The normal way to take it, following a routine more like how a normal person would release cortisol is.....
10mg a.m.
5mg around noon
5mg between 4 & 5p.m.

2.5 florinef tablets is allot at once. Have you considered splitting it, half in the a.m. & half at noon? This would give you coverage later in the day. Is your blood pressure lower in the evening? If so this would help.

DHEA levels should be monitored carefully. It is not good to be above the range. I had to decrease to 12.5mg with 25mg maybe twice a week to stay in range. DHEA for me does not increase testosterone as it should so is not a cancer risk for me. I have no ovaries so that is probably why. 50mg puts me WAY above the range. Doctors seem to think this is the dose to take, but it must be adjusted after checking where you are in the range.

Hope you are feeling well.
Hi everyone I cant remeber my DHEA-S results but i was at my ENDo yesterday and had bloods etc so i should get things back asap I go again in two weeks.

My DHEA at 50 mgs is fine as far as i know she is happy wih it as well as my 21/2 fludrocortisone perday at once i have Triple A syndrome a very rare syndrome as well as i think th espelling ois Raynes syndrome which all counter each other and also work together so i think everything is set the way it should be. for the moment To answer a question My BP is nearnly always low STANDING at any point of the day.
Alsoi have just been diagnosed with type 2 diabeties which adds to my fun.

I hope this answers a few questions and helps in answering my.

Much thanks for everyones help advice. this place is great info and support

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