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Hi T!

I am new to this board myself ! My husband has hypopituitarism and his symptoms are horribly frustrating for him. Yes-terrible fatigue and mood swings, depression and irritability mostly but also muscle and joint pain and weakness. The days he feels a bit better he questions all of it and is terribly hard on himself. Endocrine problems are famous for waxing and waning. Just as you get used to one symptom, they change on you and have you questioning everything. You are on the right track, it sounds, so have faith that you are not feeling good right now because there is something truly wrong.

It sounds like you have already found some great doctors who are listening to you and helping you (the hardest part of the battle it seems sometimes). Testosterone deficiency, thyroid deficiency and cortisol deficiency all can cause symptoms you describe and replacement therapy is really important. Without replacement you are at higher risk of certain types of heart disease and osteoporosis, just to name two. Mostly, of course-it is quality of life that we miss so badly.

I wanted to just be sure that your docs had checked you for growth hormone defiency. When you have a pituitary problem, usually that is the first hormone to be affected. The feelings you describe are very commonly reported in patients with GH defiency-feelings of social isolation and apathy. It can be easily checked to start with an IGF-1 blood test. If you fall into the low normal or low range FOR YOUR AGE RANGE (important here), you then can move on to having a test called a growth hormone stimulation test to see if you are lacking GH. Many doctors don't recognize how vital this hormone is for normal heart health, bone health, muscle function and general sense of wellbeing. Some docs might also tell you (just like with cortisol) that low normal is technically normal and you are fine. It isn't always true-many will have normal or low normal IGF-1 values but very abnormal GH stim test results. It is sometimes a bit of a push to get this defiency recognized.

Basically, until everything gets replaced properly, it is hard to feel close to normal. I hope that you can start your treatments soon and begin life again!!

Good Luck,
Sadie Mae

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