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Don't know if there is anyone on this board that has this, but my dr thinks I have secondary or tertiary hypothyroidism, as a result of a problem with my hypothalamus.
Has anyone had this? Anyone been through this? I am pretty confused at this point, that is for sure! I was wondering if anyone has been through this specifically.

Also, could this be related to Addison's??

I have tons of questions, but foremost is:
If my hypothalamus is malfunctioning or whatnot, does that mean something is done (ie:surgery) or can it be adjusted with meds? I have read about the possibility of a lesion on the hypothalamus... if so does it need to be removed?
I have not had any cortisol tests done at all... basically only my TSH, Free T4 and TRH have been tested, and the TRH is VERY low, indicating a hypothalamus problem.
I am just so confused, and it sounds like a bit before the endo can see me (my family dr is referring me). So any info is greatly appreciated!
Thanks everyone!


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