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Hi there,

I've been extremely ill for 2 years. Started out with low energy and over two years has left me almost fully bed ridden. I was put on Florinef back in September...1mg. Been on it since than, no side effects, or weight gain. Now I'm on 7.5mg of cortisol per day. When should Ilook for results???

I got ill after living in a toxic home then getting a flu vaccine on top of being sick....have lost 30 pouunds, severe muscle aches and fatigue, lack of endurance, etc.

ACTH test was 16 pre stim and then one hour later was 30. Doc said it should have doubled. Saliva tests were severely depressed. 24 hour urine cortisol was 14...(normal range 8-50).

Just wondering how long to look for improvements..I'vebeen sick for a very long time. Doc may be working pregnenolone into equation....

Diagnosis: pre addison's disease but not full out addison's...also had a positive biopsy for vasculitis, doc says inflammation is out of hand due to underfunctioing adrenals


P.S is the fact taht i did not have weight gain on Florinef significant? meaning ineeded it? doc prescribed it b/c my pressure was soooo low

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