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I've posted quite a bit on the thyroid board as I am hypothyroid, but I recently saw a doctor who said that my cortisol result was "borderline." I have no experience in interpreting these results, but know that there is a thyroid-adrenal relationship and untreated adrenal insufficiency can impede proper thyroid treatment.

Any input from those of you with experience interpreting these results??

My cortisol was measured around 9 AM:

9.9 (normal range for AM 5-25)

I will probably have it re-checked if I can convince my endocrinologist at my next appt, but hope to have some more knowledge on the topic by then. She seemed to think that it was perfectly normal. This was just a blood test; is another form of cortisol treatment (e.g., urine or saliva) more accurate?

Thanks for your help.

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