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Adrenal Burnout
Jan 18, 2005
I've been under serve and chronic stress (may have had a nervous breakdown or two) over the summer.

I currently feel very sick .. nausau...and dehydrated. Every time I'm engaged in a debate .. I start to get sick. My stomach aches and I get dry heves. When I go to the gym to workout... I get the shakes after 15 mins of weight training.

My fear is I'm suffering from adrenal burnout.

Is this a chronic condition or is this something that can be repaired. What type of meds are given for this condition? What are the side effects?

Re: Adrenal Burnout
Jan 23, 2005
Dear Chris/Senior Vet.
My name is maire and I have had addissons Disease for the past 3 years, however over the last 6 months my addreanal have tried to come back on their own. I have had horrible side effects from the cortef and have had gained 20 pounds. What is out there naturaly that I can do to strenthen my adrenal. I have now begun to have thyroid problems hypo. I am addressing them with an encronolgyst but I would like to go more natural. He is so ready to stick me on so many drugs. Have any suggestions?

Re: Adrenal Burnout
Jan 23, 2005
Thanks for the advise. I knew my adreanals started coming back when I began having the feeling of overdose of steroids. I went the total other way. I began to swell like a water ballon, have hart palpatations and redness on my face (like hot flashes) So I backed down for a month and went off all togeter. My dr. did some blood work and said things looked like they were coming up. He did the ACHT? test (I think thats what its called) My insuance doesn't pay for the shot which is $80.00 dollars so I haven't done it since then. But it showed my adrenals had started working again. Then I ended up in the hospital with phenomia for like 3 months. My body got really screwed up after that. When I was first diagnosed with addisons they had me on 25mg. cortef a day. When I left the hospital they had me on 5 mg. and I slowly weened off that. I'm back off the steroids but alot of my symptoms I can't tell if they are adrenal or thyroid. My last tests in November showed love cortezol levels but I have not had any kind of "attack" like when I found out about this problem. I see an enchronogist that is an excellent Dr. but he is total perscription kinda of guy. I want to try a more natural approach so, I go do more bloodwork in two weeks. I am see a dr. that has a more natural approach to things and she told me if my cortisol levels were still low that she was going to put me on a natual cortisol. Also she said my testoterone levels were like 10 and she likes them to be around 35. could that be causeing me to feel tired as well? How long does the tyroid medication take to where you can usally fee a difference? I have ordered a book called The Adrenal Fatgue the 21 century disease. Have you ever heard of it? Do you know anything about the vitiman DHEA? could that help my adrenals or thyroid? Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks for your help and insite Chris
Re: Adrenal Burnout
Jan 29, 2005

I went to an Endocrinologist last week. My blood tests results were "normal". Know I'm really confused and lost.

My cortisol levels were 19.2 ug/dl. My blood was drawn at 4PM. On the labs the range is supposed to be 3 to 17 between 4 and 6 PM / 4 to 22 between the 8 and 10AM.

My insulin was high 28.4.

Yet my doctor thinks everything is OK. Are these numbers OK?
Re: Adrenal Burnout
Jan 30, 2005

The doctor did point out that my Insulin was high (28.4) - should be below 17. But she blew it off like it was not a big deal.

I am at a loss and don't know where to turn next.

All I know is I'm not feeling well (weak / nervous / dry mouth / dry eyes / dry skin / abdominal pain / avoiding people) and I'm very frustrated.

I am going to try an Infectious Disease doctor (again) -- may be I have a viral infection / syndrome. Again, I've been tested for all common viral diseases (HIV/HSV/HEP). I'm sure my worrying / nerves have not helped matters.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again!
Re: Adrenal Burnout
Jan 30, 2005
Chris/Board Members:

Thanks for your replies.

I was tested for Lyme in September - results were NEGATIVE.

I am off to see an other ID doc tomorrow. Any other thoughts or tests I should have done?

Being I've been tested for every bacterial and viral infection under the sun... I should look at fungal infections (i.e. candida).

What do you think?

Thanks again.
Re: Adrenal Burnout
Jan 31, 2005
Chris / Members:

Another frustrating moment... went to one of THE BEST infectious disease docs. He told my problems were in my head and perscribed PAXIL.

I really do -- GIVE UP.

I'm done. If I die from a disease... I tried my best to identify what's wrong with me. I have constant abdominal pain....nerveous stomach....dry eye / mouth / skin....redness at the tip of my private part. I give up.

Thanks for you help.

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