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Relax. While I was reading about your situation, I could not help but think of my own situation. I too am being tested for Adrenal Insufficiency / Hemochromatosis. I've been to a dozen doctors (Infectious Disease, GI, Urologist, IM.. now Endocrinologist).

My fear is .. I contracted an Infectious Disease...and passed along to the Mrs (who I love along w/ my children). I too would trade everything I own...for my health. I'm 43 and have lived an active and healthy life. My problems occured this summer.

An endocrine test was done back in Sept. My results were: TSH - 2.78, Free T 4 - 1.15, Free T4 Index - 2.7. For some reason, liver enzymes are high AST / ALT at 47 /88. Late last week, I was tested for Cortosil levels, Adrenal, etc. We'll see.

I'm very dry. Dry skin, dry hands, mouth and eyes. Do you experience the same?

Lastly, if it is adrenal burnout - I will have to take supplements / meds which I hear work well and allow you to live a normal life w/ normal life expectancy. The positive hear (among the negative) a renewed focus on things that matter to me -- my family.

I'll share my lab results w/ you when I find out (hopefully Monday or Tuesday).


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