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Mike, I hope you are still around. I have similar symptoms in some respect and was wondering if you had a diagnosis or hopefully are feeling better.
My symptoms however include colitis like symptoms, very mucousy soft stool(sorry)
as well as neck pain, neuropathy in the arms legs, burning feet etc. palpitations.Belching. Pressure around the solar plexus.Gi scope, colonoscopy negative.
Like you I am a nervous wreck. What really struck a cord, is the flashbacks. I keep seeing short scenes of me and my family somewhere, like it will never happen again, and I think I am dying. This has been going on for one year. I cant take ssri's or such.
All my bloodwork looks fine. I was also wondering about Lyme. Any news?

And I hope you are healthy.
Glad you are still around. Also glad you had a period of relief anyway, or partial relief.
After rereading I guess our symptoms are not that alike, but do have similarities. Mine are colitis symptoms, and mostly neuropathy, pins and needles, numbness, muscle twitches, palpitations, migraine etc. I also cannot take simple meds i used to take before, even pepto bismol doesnt agree with me. We certainly have panic/depression in common. Also we are both crazy about our families, I love my daughter so much its scary, and have guilt for what its doing to them.
Did anything unusual happen in your life right before all of this started?
I too am a very content person, and very happy with my life in general. I want it back.
Im sure you know, but panic disorder itself can really mess up your body. It starts whats known as bad biology. Release of adrenaline, cortisol, shifting your blood to places it shouldnt be etc. {removed}On an internet anxiety site A good percentage of posters are people with tingling, numbness, strange infections etc. All from panic disorder. I dont think this is all my problem, or yours, but anything is possible.
So did anything unusual happen right before all these symptoms? Just curious.
Wishing you a 80 year remission.


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