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I am just wondering if anyone can help me out here?

I have been seeing an endo for Early Graves disease, but I still

think I have an adrenal issue as well, so the endo is sending

me for ACTH Stim test, I know you are suppose to go in the

am to get the test, but I am wondering if maybe I should

go when I feel the absolute worst.

I get extremely exhausted every day at 5 pm as to where

my heart starts beating harder, my pupils get very small,

my voice is hoarse, headache, and I can barely function,

I had a saliva test done about a year ago and my results

were normal in the am but in the early afternoon they

started dropping and then by 4 pm. the were barely

there. Also I have had two ACTH stim test done as well.

The first one in 01, the results were:

18 (range 6.8-26.3)

1st draw after injection 23.4 (range 6.8-26.3)

2nd draw after injection 24.5 (range 6.8-26.3)

Then in 02, the results were:

16.6 (range 3.8-14.4)

1st draw after injection 20.3 (range 3.8-14.4)

2nd draw after injection 24.2 (range 3.8-14.4)

Of course on all the 02 results it showed high on all. I dont think these ranges are correct, but who am I.

Anyway, the endo says anytime your results are over 20 you are normal.

So my thinking is if I go to get the ACTh stim test done when I am totally

exhausted maybe it will show little or no cortisol???

He doesnt specify on the script that it has to be done in the am, I just know

that I read somewhere that it is best to do in the am because that is when your levels are the highest.

What do you all think?

Thanks so much, Joyce

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