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Hi Jill and Chris!

If I am correct, ACTH is supposed to be generated by the pituitary gland? If so, and it isn't doing it's job, rather than try to give the right amounts of ACTH, wouldn't it be great if they could somehow stimulate the pituitary itself to do it's work? Apparently they know of no way to turn it back on or to strengthen the gland. You may take adrenal glandulars to help support the adrenal glands. Are there none for the pituitary, Chris. I suppose not, or you'd be mended. What about the DHEA (have I got those initials right?). Does that help the pituitary work better? I guess it would have to work a LOT better for it to produce the amounts of ACTH it should be producing for you and for Andrew. Jill, it is awfully suspicious that this could be an inherited problem sometimes, just as diabetes (type 1) and adrenal insufficiency are. Since the pituitary is a part of the chain of endocrine glands, it seems it might also be attacked by our autoimmune system, making it one of many autoimmune illnesses that can be inherited in some form. ~ :wave: Tracy

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