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Feb 10, 2005
Hello All,

Well, here's the shortened version of my health woes: I'm 18, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis (but have yet to develop hypothyroidism), I have low blood pressure (which I am currently taking florinef acetate for), I'm hypoglycemic, and I have chronic daily migraines.

I was wondering if anyone is taking or has taken prednisone. My endocrinologist just prescribed it. I don't have adrenal insuffiency that I know of, my cortrosyn stimulation test is on Tuesday. However, my doctor wanted me to start taking it now. I've been fainting often, but only during positional changes. I started fainting a while ago, but it was cured by the florinef acetate, but within the last month or so it started up again. Though yesterday I became severely nauseous, and felt faint/light-headed just while standing. That was entire new thing for me. So I called by doctor immediately and that's when he said to start taking the prednisone now. I've had the cortrosyn stimulation test once before, back in last July. I think (but not positive) that my said my results were in normal ranges but within the lower-normal ranges.

Anyway, sorry for my digression. I was wondering if anyone has had any horrific side effects while on prednisone. I seem to be hypersensitive to every medication that I take, so I'm just wondering how everyone else faired while taking it.

Thanks for listening and/or replying.
Re: Prednisone
Feb 10, 2005
Sorry I don't have any cortisol test results with me. But my doctor put me on 5 mg of prednisone. I will however, post my new cortisol test results when I find out.
Re: Prednisone
Feb 10, 2005
Well, my doctor wanted to start me off slow, and could increase once I have stimulation test done again.

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