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Well I can't be of much help,but I am going through the same thing our symptoms sound identical except I have 2 or 3 attacks a day started a 1 a month and keeps getting worse.Also was told anxiety and was on paxil for 4 months,It did nothing! Ive been to a neurologist (to rule out MS)an endocrinologist (who was about useless)Had my thyroid run 3 times with 1 out of 3 abnormal (slightly hyper).
This past week I finaly found a wonderfull internist who is a DO. who actualy spent almost an hour talking to me :) .She has been the first one to agree with me to have my adrenals tested.I just dropped off the 24 hr urine test this morning.Now I have to wait two weeks for results though. She also tested my thyroid again,and others to rule out lupus and TB.
Now it's just a waiting game.hhmm sounds strange to say but I hope somethings wrong with me. After a year I'm praying for them to find something.Good luck with your quest also.

Edited to add after looking over my tests my potassium is also lower end at 3.7 . I've read it's usualy high with addisons but does anyone know about Pheo?

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