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Hey Julie,
I posted on here for the first time earlier this week and can tell you my symptoms [U]definitely[/U] come and go. I have what I refer to as "attacks" and they are pretty random, but usually associated with stress, fatigue, exercise and certain foods. They got so bad that I was having one MAJOR one and lots of minor ones every week, which was forcing me to miss work. I finally took a leave of absence and have had way less problems since I've been resting. Unfortunately, that means the tests aren't showing the problems anymore.

I completely understand you wondering if the symptoms are all in your head. The thing you have to remember is that the adrenal glands are associated with the "flight or fight" response, so any worrying and stress will engage the glands. I've already had one doctor tell me it was an anxiety disorder, which I completely disagreed with and we lost the patient-doctor trust over it. It's a frustrating process, but just remember, you are the only one who truly knows what you're experiencing.

I also live in Canada and would recommend you get a referral to an endocrinologist when you see your GP. I don't believe the osteo's here look at adrenal gland stuff. I'm currently in consultation with an endocrinologist and a surgeon (a CT scan showed I have an adrenal adenoma), so can completely relate to your experience!

Keep us posted on your progess (as well as set need support to keep on pushing through...).

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