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Feb 14, 2005
I need some help understanding the progesterone/cortisol relationship.

I have been having symptoms of low adrenal gland funtion for a number of years (possibly up to 7 when I began having right abdominal pain and hypoglycemia). It has not been until recently however that I knew anything about the adrenals.

Two weeks ago I began taking progesterone cream due to continued bleeding/cramping after two miscarriages. Doc wanted to put me on birth control (provera specifically) and I refused. He does not feel my hormones need to be tested (I disagree).

I began taking the cream of my own accord since I know a number of women it has benefited.

I cannot believe how much better I feel. The bleeding and cramping have stopped, my hair and nails are growing like weeds, no more vaginal dryness, I can go to bed before 10 and not roll around for hours and hours before falling asleep. I wake up before 8 feeling refreshed and rested. My postural hypotension has improved (from 72/70 upon standing to now being 90/70 when standing from a normal BP of 106/60). I didn't expect ANY of this, to tell you the truth I was skeptical that it would help the bleeding/cramping (I thought the problem was injury from the medical interventions during the miscarriage). I'm also getting my appetite back (gained two pounds back; lost 5 during my last flare up).

After some research on progesterone I found that there is some type of a relationship between cortisol and progesterone so I did a search on progesterone cream on this board to see if that may explain why I feel so much better but it seems the understanding of those here is that it does NOT help low adrenal function. I'd really like this explained or a link to some sites that may help me understand it.

If it doesn't help why do I feel so much better? What could the cream be doing that is helping so much? Is it possible that my problems are not only adrenal related?

I had a flare up of symptoms just before I started the cream so I have no idea if it will help these long term. They have been coming every two months so I don't expect another one until april.

Any info will be appreciated!

Love and Prayers, Kelly

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