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I had a first and bad crisis in May 2004 resulting in an Addison's daignosis. I am now wondering if I really have Addison's or just got really sick. I looked back at coritsol levels in the hospital before any treatment and they were 4.5 and 2.4 . My T3 was 2.0 and T4 was 1.43. (I've had Graves disease and thyroid removed.) I had a scan and an MRI and was told I had Addison's. Anyway, now I am doing well on 2.5mg of Prednisone. and 1mg of Fludrocort, plus 100mcg of Levothyroxin, plus my Prempro. I should say, I do well unless something stresses me. Then I fall apart.... What do you think? Do I really have Addison's?

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