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I'm undergoing referal to an Endo following results of low Blood Cortisol and abnormal ASI 24 hr.(Saliva) test. My Symptoms seem to be getting worse. As well as the constant dizziness, brain fog, Anxiety (with panic attacks with no obvious trigger), depression that comes and goes many times in the day, pressure behind eyes and forehead, I seem to have some new strange symptoms.

NEW SYMPTOMS are Leg muscle pains at rest (when I touch backs of legs they seem to hurt all over), and joint pains (especially at knee bone). Everything seems to be clicking when I move my body. My back seems to be hunched up and when sleeping at night, I find I am curling up in the Fetal position. My voice is always hoarse, my eyes hurt (even when closed) - the outer corners of my eyes go read even when touched!. The back of my neck definately feels sore to touch (and even adds to the dizziness) and I find I am always cracking my own neck (left to right) since I started seeing a Chiropractor/Osteopath (who doesn't have anything to do with Thyroid or Adrenals here in the UK- Guess you guys in USA are lucky!).

This is only adding to my Anxiety that something cinister is underlying. I've had every blood test going I think and they are all normal. The positive dx I've had to date is CFS/ME, Possible Lyme, Mild Carpal Tunnel and TMJ.

I feel like I'm crumbling away inside but no-one will help. I'm strugling on with a full time job, don't have fatigue or pay the price after excercise (these two statements alone are making me question the CFS/ME diagnosis - most people at best can only work part time?).

The clicking of all my joints at the least thing is starting to worry me. Along with the joint and muscle pain. I find I am extremely tired by 9/10pm and Can't stay awake longer than that.

I wake up EVERY day at 06:00 on the ***. I lie in bed for the next 2 hours with strange random nonsense thoughts running through my mind (automatically), battle with the neck and head pain (the back of my head feels strange to touch especially the skull and center of the neck).

Can Adrenal Burnout or Low Thyroid cause these problems? Someone once said my body is in a 'Catabolic' state due to Adrenals. That too frightens me.

I have started to take 'Nutritional Support for the Adrenal Glands' which includes Adrenal Cortex, Licorice Root, Siberian Ginesing. I am also taking Mega B vit drink with greens, and Ginko biloba, High EPA fish oils. I'm starting to worry that I'm taking too many Vitamins and this could be compounding the problem.

Can anyone please help. I'm slowly giving up on the UK NHS.

Kind Regards,


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