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Chris -

I am on 5mg in the morning and 2.5 in the evening. I used to be on 4 in the morning and 3 in the evening. I think that upping the morning dose has made it easier to get through the day. I am not sure about the evening doses though, other than I can't sleep.

Is it possible for you to list out what the normal ranges are on a the common tests to test for Addison's? I would like to take them to my dr. to look at. I am sure that he will probably say that it is off the Internet so you can't trust it, but I totally trust this board more than the drs at this point.

BTW - Can you tell me your background?

Thanks much!

[QUOTE=Chrisgj]Your cortisol test is still not normal in my opinion. Being off the prednisone helped you own cortisol come up and that is likely why your level come up. What was the acth serum level? If not in the upper 3rd of the range, that indicates a problem.

14 is still low and cortisol does fluctuate hour to hour. 15 is the most common number I see on this board and others. I like to see it in the 20's. The range is that messed up.

The author of Safe uses of Cortisol (Jefferies) and my own doctor has participated in running trials on healthy people to see what normal levels or cortisol really are. They both found that normal healthy levels can reach into the 30's and stim to the 70's.

How much prednisone are you on? Maybe you are on to much.


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