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Since I found the information last week about the test being done in a hospital setting and my concerns about the test as a whole, I called my doctor.

I finally talked with him today...

He said that they are going to do this test (which he said I shouldn't be concerned about not having it done in the hospital, since he DOESN'T think I have Addison's now!) to confirm he suspicion that I do not have Addison's.

He thinks that the Addison's symptoms are coming from being on the prednisone and not adrenal insufficency!!! I found some VERY good articles about this should anyone want to see them.

My Cosytropin test was baseline 13 and after 60 minutes 12. The next day they did the cortisol test which was 14, which he considers normal.

So...I have to do this test and see what it says and then maybe I can be off the prednisone. Then my concern will be why I have the dizzy spells yet. I could be back to SQUARE ONE!!!

What are your thoughts about all test being abnormal, others being normal. He thinks that when he was taking me off the prednisone that I was reacting to just being on it for so long. Even though when I started it it helped my dizziness go away and it started up again exactly like it was before I started on the prednisone. I could write that book Chris referred me to.

I am at a loss at this point!


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