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Hi Katalina,

What you describe sounds so much like what happens to me if I do too much. And, just like you, emotional stuff sets me off more than physical sometimes. I think going to the doctor's isn't a big deal but then once I'm there I can feel myself getting amped up and upset. I also tend to get hyperactive, talk fast and feel like I can't sit still. Maybe it is adrenaline kicking in where cortisol is lacking. And then, no matter how I think I can handle it all...I crash. I also get the adrenal pain you describe-it is awful sometimes and usually just on the left side. I get dizzy, weak, disoriented and feel like time is moving in slow motion. It is somehow reassuring to know we are not alone in what we feel.

I am not diagnosed yet, either, so I am of little help to you, except to say I understand and empathize. I don't appear to have electrolyte problems, so I have never needed a visit to the hospital. As awful as I feel, I know rest and gutting it out works for me. But for so many-that isn't enough. Please listen to your body and do what it tells you to do!

Now that you have insurance, you will have to decide about a trip to the emergency room, letting them know you are supposed to be evaluated for Addison's soon. They should run electrolytes and baseline cortisol levels on you at the least and offer IV hydration to help you out. Who knows, maybe they would even diagnose you! If they don't do proper testing (like an ACTH stimulation test) make sure if they supplement you with steroids that wont interfere with testing in the future. That would include hydrocortisone (cortef)-which is very short acting or dexamethasone-which can still suppress your cortisol function but doesn't cross react with the blood tests for cortisol levels.

If you are really feeling should go to the ER. I know that is a tough call to you have any local family or friends who could help you to decide? In the meantime, try to drink as much water or fluids as you can keep down. Some even recommend a teaspoonful of salt to help with electrolyte issues. (That would make me nauseous for sure!!)

I am so happy for you that you have insurance...because you really need it! Good Luck and let us know how you are and how your doctor visits go.

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