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I am waiting to see an Endocrinologist for Adrenal/Thyroid problems and have had a couple of tests done.

First of all the Endo requested a 9am morning Blood cortisol. This came back techincally normal (but below the threshold limit. He said it it was < 540 to refer me). It came back as 397 (but still classed as normal).

Next, I asked for a 24 hour urine cortisol to be done. The results came back after a couple of weeks and it was High-normal.

The thing that prompted me to get this done was the results of a saliva cortisol test. It came back as normal except 23:00 - 0:00 which was low (0.5 instead of 1.0).

I can't seem to make any sense of this. I've had dx of CFS/ME/FMS/LYME/STRESS/ADRENAL FATIGUE. I'm scared I'll be like this for the rest of my life. I am a 32 yr old Male with new son and would like some quality of life back, but can't see it.

Does anyone know why my 24 hour urine would have come back normal if the saliva and blood test were low?

My symptoms are:

Waking up 06:00 every morning with broken sleep (neigher awake/asleep from 6am - strange thoughts run through mind automatically)
Vivid dreams and nightmares every night
Random Episodic Anxiety
Random Episodic Panic Attacks
Random Episodic Depression
Crying outbusts for no reason
Extremely sore neck and shoulders (worse when in bed)
Sore Leg calf muscles and knee cap joints (worse at rest)
Burning Eyes but no redness
Puffy Eyes
Thick bushy eyebrows
Hoarse voice (loss of lower ranges)
Discolored phlegm (sputum) - worse when lying horizontal
Carpal Tunnel (mild)
Short term memory loss
Face fullness episodic jaw pressure
Forehead pressure
Random short headaches
Neck pain/forehead pressure worse when lying down with pressure on back of head.
Intolerence to Antidepressants of SSRI kind (can tolorate Tricyclics but dont do anything)
Nasal openings swell and extremely painfull to touch for days (one sided)
Post nasal drip
Periodic Belching
Periodic Excessive Flatulance
Cant walk into large buildings (mall's, supermarkets etc)
Cant tolerate excessive loud noise

Does anyone recognise these symptoms? Do they sound Thyroid or Adrenal related?

Kind Regards,


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