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Hi "My Dad",
I am currently being investigated for a pheo because they found an adrenal adenoma on a CT scan. I can't really tell you much though, as my symptoms and lab tests seem to be confusing all the docs and at the current time, they don't "think" it's a pheo. There are some really good websites with info on pheo's out there, so do a search and see what comes up. My symptoms have left me unable to work for the past 2 months and I'm only 25 years old. It's an extremely frustrating experience. Has your Dad been diagnosed? Was/is he experiencing "attacks" or had lab tests done yet? He's lucky to have such a supportive family. As I'm sure you've read on these boards, most people have had to fight their way to a diagnosis in regards to adrenal gland function. Every bit of support along the way helps.

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