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Sometimes I'm not sure what doctors are thinking when they send you to a lab with a request for a test like that without consulting the lab workers first.

If you were supposed to have an ACTH stimulation test (which is the standard test for adrenal function) then there has been some confusion. Did you get a blood draw, wait quietly an hour at the lab, then have another draw? If yes, then you are probably okay. If no, then read on:

Usually, they draw a baseline cortisol level. Then they give you an IV or IM injection of ACTH (250mcg). They wait 1 hour and draw a second blood cortisol level. In the best circumstance, they place an IV catheter-so they aren't sticking you with needles multiple times and they make you lay down and stay still-this helps give the most accurate cortisol result-without stress being as much of a factor.

If your doctor wants an AM and PM blood draw of cortisol-it shouldn't be done on the same day as the ACTH stimulation test, because the stim test will alter your otherwise natural rhythms.

Sounds like you might have to let your doctor know what happened today so he/she can talk to the lab people first before you try again.

Good Luck and keep us posted!
Hi sadie, and thx for responding
I did not get any kind of injections, she pretty much took the 2 tubes of blood and said that, the acth test and cortisol are the same, that since the doctor just wrote acth, that is not an acth stimulation test, aghh, I am more confused now, I mean what a mess, and with the urine she only took a sample while i was there, so I am not sure if it was done right, I dont know why they have people that dont knwo what there doing in places like this, I mean these tests are so important, and the worst part is that she argued wth me because i mentioned to her that the doc had told me that they weregoing to give me an injection, and she looked at me like I was nuts.... aghh anyway i called my doc and there supposed to call me back soon but I guess i will go have the cortisol test done, she says I shouldnt go because if they dont inject me anything the cortisone level will be the same?? meanwhile I am trying to tell her that the am/pm cortisol test and the acth are 2 different test, aghhhhh

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