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Hi "My Dad",

Mine began with some minor symptoms, such as fatigue, night sweats and heart palpitations. Then I had a series of three 'attacks'. Same as you, I could feel them coming...almost like a wave of adrenaline washing over my body, followed by a sense of panic. Then a pounding headache, tremors, severe nausea, overall feeling that something was horribly wrong. Mine always occurred at night, right before I was about to fall asleep.

First doctor I spoke to about it told me it was anxiety and I should take anti-anxiety meds. I told her that was ridiculous; what the hell was I anxious about RIGHT before I was falling asleep?? Anyways, eventually, out of sheer frustration, I did try the meds...all my symptoms got worse and I ended up in the ER. Finally a CT scan of my abdomen was ordered (because I'd been complaining of a pain in my left side) and a left-sided adrenal adenoma was found. Believe it or not, that same doctor told me it was an "incidental finding" and nothing I should be concerned about. Idiot. I switched doctors.

I went off work, tried to decrease every single stress in my life and haven't experienced another serious attack since then (3.5 months now). Have minor stuff happen when I'm mad, upset, nervous or frustrated (like tremors, headaches), but no "attacks". I'm looking at starting back at work by the end of the month...should be a good test of my adrenal function.

In the meantime, I'm seeing a naturopathic doctor and waiting to see the endocrinologist at the beginning of April. Hopefully he actually knows his stuff and is willing to run a lot more tests other than the 24hr urine specs. Naturopath said those will only pick it up if you're on the ends of the spectrum (i.e. it's already addison's) and they are useless for diagnosing mild-moderate adrenal dysfunction. Onwards the battles go...

And that's my story in a nutshell,

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