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Hi Softcrush,
I have seen you on the thyroid board also. I had my cortisol and dhea drawn with a regular doc and was told they were normal. I thought the dhea was kind of low 93 (35-450). Anyway, ditched him and have been seeing a naturopathic doctor. She did the salivary adrenal test and my cortisol was low (not low enough to be on cortef), dhea was low and salivary IGa was only a 6 (25-60)....which she thinks explains why I was getting constant horrendous cold sores over the past few months.

She uses Metagenics. She put me on their dhea spray 5mg once a day for 2 weeks and then 2x day after that, Adreset 2x day(I am only taking it once a day due to insomnia if taken later in day) and Biopure protein powder, 2 scoops a day. I have also been using a bit of progesterone cream.
I feel alot better. Have been on 175mcg of synthroid for 6 weeks and will have labs drawn this week. I am so glad I went to this doctor.


I am also on the following: magnesium, calcium, B/C vits, Vit E, zinc, selenium.
I did see the End Fatigue stuff at a local Whole Foods store the other day. I guess the Teitlebom guy had chronic fatigue. The store had samples of the drink mixed with lemonade. Tasted pretty good.
Hope you feel better soon,

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